Friday, 3 February 2012

George (Asda) 'Vintage Glamour'

I had to sign up with Asda's clothing range George just before Christmas because my Mum wanted some plain black tops to wear for work as part of her Christmas present. It's not really a place that I'd buy clothing from, but they sent me an email this week advertising some of their Spring Collection and I have to say that it impressed me!
L-R: Chain Print Blouse £10 and Scarf Print Top £8
There are only a few item in this line but I think they're gorgeous and definitely have a vintage Versace feel to them, something that a lot of high street retailers have been going for recently. Especially since H&M launched their Versace line. (Which I sadly missed because I had exams on the day).
L-R: Chain Print Blouse £10 and Scarf Print Tunic Dress £12
It's all so reasonably priced and looks great! I went down to Asda this week and they only had two of the light Chain Print Blouses and luckily one was in my size so I have that and I'm dying to get the Scarf Print Top. I've never bought clothes from a supermarket before but the blouse is brilliant quality and I'm so glad that they sent this email out!
All of these items and a few more can be found here:
George at Asda's Vintage Glamour

What do you think of George's new line?


  1. i love that scarf print top and such a great price too!

    love your blog, definitely following for future posts!

    from, helen at

  2. Oooh I love the scarf print shirts, the black ones is great and for £10 its such a bargain! x


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