Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Lush 'New' Shampoo Bar Review

When I decided to start growing my hair out one of the first things I did was look everywhere for a shampoo that would help it to get longer. After a long search I decided to go with Lush because their products are completely natural and didn't think that pumping my hair full of chemicals would help it to grow. I went into my local Lush store and was recommended their 'New' shampoo bar. Before we get started I'd just like to apologise for using a stock photo, I forgot to take a picture before I used my bar and it become a little unpresentable!

I'd heard positive reviews about their other shampoo bars so I decided to try it out. To use it you can either lather it up in your hands like a regular bar of soap or you can rub it straight onto your hair. I think that the actual shampoo bar is a great idea because it doesn't have packaging so it's good for the environment, as is every Lush product in its own way. And you can't forget that Lush are 100% anti animal testing which is a massive pro for me because I'm a vegetarian, but sadly that's where the praise stops.

Photo Credit: https://www.lush.co.uk

 Though it definitely kept my hair clean it wasn't for me at all. I have very thick hair so I needed to really lather it up in my hands, which seriously dried my skin out. This also meant that because I had to use so much, it only lasted for about 2 weeks. Since I'd read that other peoples' reviews that said theirs lasted well over a month I was slightly annoyed! I also didn't notice any hair growth. I've mentioned before that I'm not naturally blonde so it's easy to see how much my hair has grown by looking at my roots. I started using this about two weeks after I dyed my hair, which is the period when my roots really start coming through, and if anything they stayed back! It also has a really spicy scent which, as a personal preference, isn't for me at all. I prefer sweeter scents, especially when it comes to shampoo.

Overall I'm disappointed in this particular shampoo bar because it didn't do what it said on the tin and it made my skin really dry. This being said, I love Lush and can't be mad at them. Though I didn't have a very enjoyable experience with this particular shampoo bar I'm definitely up for trying another. I wouldn't recommend the New bar if you have thick hair or dry skin.

You can find out more about New here.
Are you a fan of any Lush shampoo bars?

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Benefit Brow Bar Review

The last time that I got my eyebrows waxed was almost a year ago, and after I got them done I wanted to hide away in shame. I was left looking a little bit like Marlene Dietrich, but only she can pull off super skinny brows. As strange as it sounds I decided to grow them out and then maintain myself, which I did up until June when I gave up and just let them go crazy, so please excuse the horrific state of them in the before picture. I'd heard so much about Benefit Brow Bars and decided that I needed to make an appointment with my local one ASAP.


The first thing that happened, and that surprised me because I was only booked in for a tint and wax, was that one of the lovely make up girls told me that the first thing that they did was have a chat to you about your make up. Firstly she put some of their 'That Gal Brightening Face Primer' on and, after I cheekily asked about it, some 'Porefessional' primer on my t-zone. Porefessional was amazing, she showed me how it filled in my pores to make them disappear before she applied the foundation and I was really impressed, I even caved in and bought a tube of it. I have a really hard time finding foundation that works for me because I'm really pale so she used Ivory, the lightest shade in their 'Hello Flawless Foundation' range. The coverage was really impressive and combined with the two primers my skin looked great but I still felt that it was a tad too dark for my skin tone. I did an outfit post on the day that I had it done so you can see the results of my make up here.

When it came time to have my eyebrows done they sat me down and explained where the three points of your eyebrow (start, arch and end) should be. The start of your eyebrow should be aligned with the side of your nose and you can see in the photos that the eyebrow on the left isn't quite there yet (boo!) so there wasn't anything that they could do about that. I was asked what colour I'd like them tinted and I opted for the lightest brown because I have blonde hair and as much as I love dark brows I think they'd look a little odd on me. After this came the moment of truth; the wax. I'm being completely honest when I say that I didn't feel a thing, and considering the lovely woman tamed my slugs she must have took off an incredible amount of eyebrow hair. When it was all over I was passed on to another make up girl who used their Boi-ing concealer to cover up any redness and then coloured them in using Brow Zings, which I luckily already had myself. I do think that she put the Brow Zings on a little heavily because I've coloured them in using the same kit myself ever since and they've never come out looking like the after picture.

Overall I'd definitely recommend going to a Brow Bar. I'm really pleased with how my brows turned out. It cost £18 for a wax and tint which isn't too bad considering how they came out, it's only a little more than I used to pay at the old place that I went to. All of the girls there were lovely and really helpful which is always a bonus and just makes you want to go back. I plan on attempting to just maintain them for the time being but if they ever get out of control again I'll definitely go running to Benefit!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Life of Leigh-Anne #3

Hello lovelies! I've had Instagram on my phone for months and I've never bothered using it, but I realised that I could basically take rubbish update pictures with the camera on my phone and then jazz them up with effects so it's not a shabby app to have at all. My username is leighanneashton if anyone fancies following me on it. Make sure you leave your usernames in the comments so I can follow you too!

1. Picking up bits from the Topshop sale whilst it lasts 2. Cheap Frills goodies
3. Blu-Ray Bargains 4. Dusty dissertation file (oops!)
5. Susie taking over my bed 6. My new jewellery frame

I gained 100+ followers a couple of weeks ago and I was overwhelmed that so many of you were interested in my blog! I'm now around the 150 mark and want to thank everyone that follows me. I've been picking up a few bits here and there and thought what better way to say thanks than have a giveaway? So I'd just like to hear your thoughts on having one, I don't want to host the world's lamest giveaway that no one enters!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wish List #3

1. Tall Studded Textured Jumper - Topshop. I nearly bought this jumper in store a few weeks ago but I just about stopped myself. Then I found this Tall version online and I've fallen in love with it all over again! But £42 for a jumper is a little off putting right now.

2. Tall Neppy Tee - Topshop. I love this top, it's so casual but I think it could be easily dressed up with accessories and jewellery. Things like this will be perfect for when I go back to University and have to get up early and throw things on to go to lectures. Plus I have a little obsession with pink lately and the colour in this is so pretty.

3. MADAME Tapestry Slippers - Topshop. I'm pretty sure that these babies sold out in about 5 seconds because I haven't seen them online for a while and I've never seen them in store. I love anything that's tapestry print so these are right up my street. Sadly I don't think that I'll ever get my hands on these lovely shoes!

4. ICONS: Grace Kelly - Jewellery By Jaymie. I absolutely adore both Grace Kelly and Jaymie's jewellery so I think this necklace has my name all over it.

5. Medium Glitter Hair Bow - Crown and Glory. You have no idea how much time I spend on the Crown and Glory store, just staring at all of the lovely headbands etc. These lovely bows come in 30 different colours and I'm very tempted by the Candy Floss one. They're only £6 so i may have to cave in at some point.

6. Nails in Beam - Topshop. So here I go again with my new found love of pink, it would be rude not to have nails that match, right?

What do you think? Is there anything that you've had your eye on?

Saturday, 11 August 2012

There's A Brand New Dance But I Don't Know Its Name - Outfit #1

 Happy Saturday! I thought that I'd throw out my first ever outfit post this weekend! I've always wanted to have a go at doing a post like this but I don't have anyone to take pictures for me and balancing my camera on shelves didn't cut it for me so I bought a cheap tripod from eBay for a wopping £7. I'm borderline 6ft tall (I'm a long lost Amazon Woman) so to get a shot that had both my head and feet in it meant that I had to stand about 5 miles away from the camera to get everything in the frame. These shots didn't work out so I got fed up and just went for this landscape torso shot instead. Seeing as I don't plan on getting shorter I'll be doing the rest of my outfit posts in this manner and I want to know what you lovely lot think! Next time I'll throw in a decapitated shot (gruesome) so you can see what I'm wearing on the bottom and on my feet, I promise.

Boucle Sweater - Topshop
Wayfarers - Ray Ban
Ankh Bracelet- Topshop
Spike Bracelet - Junk & Disorderly
Peepo Kitty Ring - Cheap Frills

I bought this sweater from Topshop a few weeks ago and I love it, it's thinner than it looks so it'll work well for both [England's excuse for] Summer and Winter. I also love the cheeky little rainbow pattern that's worked into it. I wore it with plain black leggings and my creepers, as I promised above I'll try to work the rest of my outfit in next time! I'm also rocking my new Benefit eyebrows thanks to the lovely ladies at the Brow Bar in Speke! I absolutely love them and I'll definitely be going back! I'll be putting up a post on my Brow Bar experience ASAP.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

VO5 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixir Review

It's no secret that I'm not naturally blonde- shock/horror. I've been dyeing my full head blonde for four years now and I've been lucky enough to not have had any problems with its condition and its always looked really healthy, until recently. Last year I decided to grow my hair out so I stopped getting it cut on a monthly basis and instead just got my roots done when I went to the hairdressers. It's grown so much in that time, it went from touching my shoulders to chest level! But because it had gotten longer and I'd stopped cutting it as frequently as I used to it started to get quite dry and it did look noticeably different. After browsing through a few blogs I noticed that so many of you were raving about the VO5 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixir so I ran down to Boots and opted for this in shower treatment version.

There's no fuss whatsoever involved with the Hot Oil. You simply apply it in the shower before you wash your hair and leave it on for up to a minute. There's no pre-heating required, which I didn't expect seeing as it's a 'Hot' Oil treatment. The bottle has white arrows down the side to indicate how much you should apply which is such a clever idea, I didn't realise what they were at first (I'm brilliant that way). I was only going to review this once I'd used to whole tube, but so far I've only used it three times (out of a possible five) and already my hair looks and feels so much better. It used to feel horrible and dry at the back but now it feels so smooth I can't believe it's changed so much in only three applications! The only word of warning when it comes to this is don't exceed the one minute instructed. The last time I used it I left it on for about two minutes and even though I washed it all out, my hair was a little greasy on one side when I dried it. If your hair is dry and damaged or you just want a little shine I seriously recommend that you try this! It's cheap as chips and does the job! You can't ask for more.

I bought my VO5 Hot Oil Moisture Soak Elixir from Boots for £4.29.

I'm always on the look out for products to keep my hair looking healthy, what products do you use?

Friday, 3 August 2012

Nails of the Day #2

Happy Friday everyone! Here's my second 'Nails of the Day' post. I'm not too sure on this one but I thought I'd share it to see what everyone thinks.

For this I used Barry M's Nail Paint Black No. 47 and Barry M's Instant Nail Effects Nails Paint Gold No. 320. I used two coats of the black and one of the gold. Though I think the colours look pretty darn good together I'm not really impressed with the way that the gold has gone on, it applies a little sparsely towards the tips and you can only use one coat otherwise the cracked effect won't work properly.

What do you guys think? Have you tried any Barry M Nail Effects?
I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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