Sunday, 23 September 2012

Born This Way Ball - Manchester Arena - 11.09.12

My past music related posts have included Nicki Minaj and blink-182 gigs so I think that I've made it quite clear that I'll actually listen to anything! So, last week, after months of waiting, I finally went to see Lady Gaga on her Born This Way Ball tour. I've already been to the Monster Ball tour back in 2010 so it wasn't like I'd never seen her before, but I've been obsessed with her for about four years now so seeing her again was blatantly a matter of life and death. Between dancing around and throwing my paws up I managed to take a few pictures so I thought that I'd share the better looking ones with you all!



  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing them :) Don't know if you've tried her new fragrance but its really lovely. I'm so tempted to get it!

  2. I went to see her at Twickenham Stadium the weekend before she was in Manchester! She was absolutely brilliant, the best live performance I have ever ever seen!!

    Laura xo

  3. Wow, I'm incredibly jealous. I'd love to see her :D

    Just Smile.

  4. wowsa, looks frikken amazing. I am so jealous, gaga is fab.


  5. Wow you lucky girl you!! I'd love to go and see Gaga, her voice is amazing and I love all her costumes!! You'll be telling your grand kids about it in 60 years time and I'm sure they'll be uber jealous like the rest of us! XxxX

  6. what an opportunity! Glad you had such a nice time !

  7. seems like you had a ball of a time. cant believe you were so close!

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