Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Harts + Crosses Rings

I know for a fact that in previous posts I've mentioned finding online sellers of lovely jewellery through other bloggers and Twitter. Well, it happened again! A couple of weeks ago an online store named Harts + Crosses started following me on Twitter and I just had to have a good old nosey at their items, especially since I've been on a ring collection spree for weeks now (which is clearly what this particular post is about!) Seeing as I discovered them when I only had about £10 to my name I only bought the Purple Glam Ring and the Blue Glam Ring for an amazing £1.50 each! This was made even sweeter by the fact that you can currently get 15% off any order, so in total I spent less than £4 for the two lovely rings pictured on the right! Later on I couldn't help buying the Quartz Ring (in black) and the Rough Ring which are £5 each, I got them during a 40% off sale so everything was almost half the price of what it should have been which I was incredibly happy about. The rings are of such an amazing quality for the bargain prices and these four are all adjustable, which I like because then I can pick and choose which finger I feel like jazzing up!

You can have a nosey at all of Harts + Crosses' jewellery, which also includes bracelets and necklaces, as well as clothing and accessories here. There's information on the homepage about how to get either free delivery or 15% off your order so it would be a crime not to treat yourself!
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