Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Pop in a Box November 2015

I stood by my word and kept my Pop in a Box subscription, and I have to say that I'm not disappointed with this month's offering. I present to you: Magenta.

I'm absolutely obsessed with The Rocky Horror Picture Show and have been for years. There are even pictures of me dressed as Columbia from when I went to see the Naughty Forty anniversary show hanging around the depths of Facebook. I already have the Frank N Furter and Columbia Pops, so Magenta is more than welcome in my Funko collection. My favourite thing about her is definitely the make up, I'm getting serious eyelash AND eyebrow envy from her., and her eyeshadow lives up to her name. Also, check out that little feather duster! My only issue is that fact that her chins droops slightly on the right hand side, which I assume was an issue with the mould.

I couldn't resist breaking out my vinyl soundtrack as a background for these shots and I love the way that the real Magenta is peering over Pop Magenta's head in the close ups! I promise that I didn't plan that slightly creepy pose. What do you think of Magenta? Are you a Rocky Horror fanatic? Let me know by leaving me a comment of tweeting me!

Saturday, 31 October 2015

My Geek Box October 2015 - Afterlife

I'm a lucky little nerd this month, as I've been given the opportunity to be sent October's MyGeekBox(*) to take a look at. For those of you who are in the dark, each month MyGeekBox send you a box full of mystery good that centre around a theme. Previous themes have included; Justice, Sidekicks, Abilities and Toons. This month's theme, in an ode to my favourite time of the year, Halloween, was Afterlife. 

The first thing that I saw when I opened this lovely little box, that surprisingly survived being in the hands of Royal Mail, was an adorable Boo! T-Shirt. I love it when shirts like these are several sizes too big, so I ordered a massive size so that it's long enough for me to throw it on with leggings for lazy days so I can geek out in style. The next thing that I saw absolutely blew my mind, at first it made me think of all the blood stained promos Dexter. It's actually a Bloody Hand Print Tea Towel, as a fan of horror/collector of tea towels I absolutely love this one. There was also some zombie themed decor in the form of a sticker and a metal wall sign, which I'm sure that my boyfriend will be stealing from me.

I don't know if anyone has seen the stocking fillers that most shops have brought in for Christmas, but I've noticed that a lot of them are selling puzzles that come in the form of a little man that you have to turn into a box, so I was pleased to see what is possibly the quirkiest variation of this; a Dracula Petrifying Puzzle! I'm obsessed with brain teasing puzzles, so I will definitely be spending a few good minutes (hours) trying to solve this. Luckily it does come with the answer in case you get too frustrated. Finally, and possibly my favourite item next to the Boo! T-Shirt, is the graphic novel Twisted Dark by Neil Gibson. It's described as 'a series of interconnected psychological thrillers', which I believe comes in the form of eight stories tying in with one another. It's a welcome addition to my graphic novel collection and I'm really looking forward to reading it!

Overall, I was really impressed with October's MyGeekBox, and, seeing as next month's theme is right up my street as it's Movies and Television, I think that I'll be investing in another! What did you think of this month's MyGeekBox? Have you ever invested in a blind box before? Let me know by tweeting me or leaving a comment!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Pop in a Box October 2015

Pop in a Box is something that I've been aware of for quite a long time, but wasn't entirely sure how it worked. After doing a little research and getting some help from Pop in a Box veteran Emily over at The Mini Mermaid, I got to grips with the whole shebang. Basically, you create an account and mark off all of the Pop! Vinyls that you already own and then you can start the 'Thumps Up/Down' process, in which you give a thumbs up to the Pop!s that you'd want to receive and a thumbs down to the ones that you don't. In my case I gave a thumbs up to every Disney and Game of Thrones character in sight and thumbs down'ed every Doctor Who Pop! (sorry guys, it's ain't my thing at all.)

Last week, Pop in a Box celebrated the fact they had launched their website in America by offering a half price subscription for one month only. So, being the Pop!/bargain fanatic that I am, I finally chose a subscription. I opted for the one Pop! per month deal and ended up paying a measly £7.75 (including £3.50 P&P), so I can't complain! When I saw it sat there waiting for me I genuinely opened it with my eyes closed to maintain the element of surprise, I'm not even joking. I was pleasantly shocked when I got Peter Pan's little diva Tinker Bell!

I've been wanting to expand my Disney Pop!s for ages, so she's very welcome in my collection. I love the little details such as her shoes, the ribbon in her hair and her translucent wings. (My only peeve is that dirty mark on the back of her head!) She's actually from the first series of Disney figures, so I'm not sure how easy she is to come across these days. I also find her quite fitting seeing as though November's Tsum Tsums are going to feature the Peter Pan collection! 

Do you subscribe to Pop in a Box? Let me know if it's something that you'd be interested in and what you think of Tink! You can tweet me or leave a comment!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Halloween Watchlist 2015 Edition

As a film boffin I feel obliged to watch as many horror films in October as possible in order to celebrate my favourite time of the year: Halloween! I decided to pick 5 horror films (some good, some bad) that were released in 2015 to watch so as not to bombard you guys with a list of typical horror films such as; A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Halloween. Don't get me wrong, they're classics, but they've been appearing on Halloween watchlists for over 30 years so I just decided to change things up a bit. 

1. The Visit (2015), dir. M. Night Shyamalan
Growing up I was in awe of Shyamalan-psychological-thriller-fests such as; The Sixth Sense, UnbrokenSigns, and even The Village. However, after The Happening and After Earth, I never thought that I would enjoy a M. Night Shyamalan film again. How wrong I was, The Visit is almost a cinematic redemption and I hope that he carries on (and betters) with this streak. The Visit is a found footage film that perfectly blends horror and comedy as it follows Becca and Tyler as they spend a week forging a relationship with their once absent grandparents, who aren't typical grandparents at all.

2. The Boy (2015), dir. Crag Macneill
The Boy charts young Ted's obsession with death and how he slowly transforms from an innocent child to a sociopath. It was definitely a slow burner and only peeked my interested during the last 30-40 minutes. Rainn Wilson (more commonly known as Dwight K. Schrute) is absolutely brilliant and child actor Jared Breeze delivers an intense performance as Ted. The Boy is allegedly supposed to be the first in a trilogy that follows Ted's journey as he grows older and becomes a fully fledged serial killer, and I think that I'd stick around for more.

3. Knock Knock (2015), dir. Eli Roth
The only recommendation that I can give in regards to this film is recommending that you don't bother watching it. I think that I'll always been intrigued by whatever Eli Roth does, so I couldn't help but give this one a watch. Basically, doting husband and father Keanu Reeves has a steamy night with two of the most annoying girls in existence that show up at his door and they then proceed to hassle him. 

4. The Final Girls (2015), dir. Todd Strauss-Schulson
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the horror trope 'final girl', think of Nancy Thompson in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Alice Hardy in Friday the 13th, Sidney Prescott in the Scream series, or Jamie Lee Curtis in every horror/slasher film that she starred in during the 70s/80s. The final girl is the woman who faces the monster and is the only one left to tell the tale. After Max's mother, who was a 'scream queen' in the 80s, dies, Max finds herself and her friends sucked into her mother's most famous horror film and they must fight their way to the end. I absolutely adored The Final Girls, it's hilarious and sentimental and plays on horror tropes like there's no tomorrow.

5. The Gift (2015), dir. Joel Edgerton
After Simon moves back to LA with his wife, Robyn, Gordo, a not-so-familiar face from Simon's high school days, reappears and begins to leave him gifts and try and force his way into his life. The Gift is more psychological thriller than horror, and leaves you wondering which of the three characters is actually the one who's on the verge of a breakdown. It's a little predictable here and there, but it's still worth a watch.

My favourite film out of the five was definitely The Final Girls and I insist that everyone gives it a watch! Now that I've powered my way through 2015s horror films I'm going to go and enjoy some classics, starting with The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Have you seen any of these films? Let me know what you think and what you'd recommend by leaving a comment or tweeting me!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tsum Tsum Collection

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tsum Tsums were released in September, but I couldn't do a Halloween theme Tsum post when it wasn't October! The collection included Jack Skellington, Sally, Barrel, Shock,  Lock, a Vampire, and Santa Jack and they're all still available on the Disney Store's website if you're on a Halloween roll this month.

I would have gladly bought all eight of them, but my Tsum Tsum collection is getting ridiculous and storing them is becoming a teensy bit of a problem. To prevent a Tsum overload, I decided to limit myself to Jack, Sally and Zero (who I think may be my favourite). I must admit, I'm regretting the fact that I didn't get Santa Jack so that I can parade him around at Christmas! Have you invested in any of The Nightmare Before Christmas Tsum Tsums? Let me know in a comment, or just tweet me!

Monday, 5 October 2015

September 2015 Digest

I don't know about you guys, but September absolutely flew by for me. I got to spend a day with my lovely friend Dan (who lives too far away, if you ask me), had two blissful weeks off work, added six Pop! Vinyls to my collection, bought some new make up for the first time in forever, and I reignited my love of Harry Potter. I thought that I'd start off the post with a little bit of Instagram lovin'. I think the main theme of this month's posts is socks, I've started stocking up on cosy ones in preparation for Autumn/Winter. I'd like to give a shoutout to Primark for putting my spirit Princess, LSP, on a sock!

As you probably know, I'm a film boffin, so I can't not mention what I've been watching. Embarrassingly I only viewed a rather measly 14 films this month. I began by paying tribute to the master of genre Wes Craven, who passed away at the end of August, by watching the Scream quadrilogy. I can't recommend the first one enough, it's a holy grail for every horror film fan. The only other films from my September viewing that I'll recommend are Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (easily one of the best films that 2015 has produced) and The Grand Budapest Hotel (which I have watched several times at this point.) 

If you read my last post you'll be aware that I've regressed back into my 10 year old self and I'm on a little bit of a Harry Potter binge. I finished Philosopher's Stone and moved onto Chamber of Secrets, so we'll see how far I get with my Hogwarts adventure by the end of October. I also read Stranger Child by Rebecca Abbott, which I wasn't particularly impressed by but hey, it was free on Amazon Prime, and The Lie by CL Taylor which was quite a gripping read and I believe is only 99p on Kindle.

How did September go for your guys? Please recommend any films or books that you think that I should have in my life! I'm super excited that it's October now, I've always loved Halloween more than Christmas and I adore 'miserable' weather (it's actually chucking it down as I type this), so it's bound to be a fun month for me. I know that I teased the fact that I've got some new Pop! Vinyls and make up at the beginning of this post, so expect some updates on them very soon. Let me know your October plans by tweeting me or leaving a comment!


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Funko Pop! Vinyl Rubeus Hagrid and Ron Weasley

I've always been a bookworm and when I was younger I was absolutely captivated by the Harry Potter books, by the time the first Harry Potter film came out back in 2001 (do you feel old now?) I had my nose stuck in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I even became one of those people who went to midnight book launches and screenings, no shame. Admittedly, I lost my Harry Potter vibe for a while, but I was still thrilled when Funko finally decided to add the franchise to their list. The characters that they've made available in vinyl form includes; Harry (there are a few variations of him), Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Voldemort and a big ol' Hagrid.

I buy a lot of my Pop! Vinyls from Zavvi as they usually have pretty good offers on them. There's almost always the 2 for £20 deal on, which is a good one to watch as they're constantly adding new Pops into the offer when they run it. I was having a browse last week when I noticed that they'd added all of the Harry Potter ones into it. Picking which 2 I wanted was a bit of a chore. I definitely had to get Hagrid because he retails at £16.99 by himself, so I wasn't going to miss out on that bargain, plus he's a big animal loving softy. I love the fact that he has his pink umbrella with him, it's the ultimate accessory. I also got Ron because he's a personal favourite of mine, you've got to love the comic relief. Most people won't find anything particularly outstanding about him, but I love the texture in his hair and he even has his taped up wand. Plus, who doesn't love a ginger? 

I've recently started to re-read the books and I'm in the middle of planning to go on the WB Studio Tour for my birthday in January, so I'm currently in a Harry Potter overload and these Pops are just encouraging my obsession. Are you a Potterhead? Tweet me or leave a comment and let me know!


Thursday, 17 September 2015

How to Beat the Graduate Blues

I've been overwhelmed by the amount of posts that have been popping up all over the place that are really supportive of those who are about to step into the world of university life for the very first time. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for supporting the new generation of freshers, but what about those who have already been through the entire higher education experience and only got a lousy t-shirt? That's right, I'm talking about people like me: graduates. I attended Edge Hill University between 2010 and 2013 and completed a degree in Film Studies. Shortly after graduating I got a job in retail with the intention of saving up and going back to uni to complete a Masters Degree. However, it's two years down the line, I'm still stuck in the 9-5 world and sometimes it's hard to see a post-uni silver lining, so I thought that I'd post some tips for my fellow graduates on how to stay cheery.

1. Don't regret your choice of course. I know that a lot of people get down over what they chose to study. I studied ICT and Business at college and whilst these were deemed the more 'suitable' options to continue with by my family, I couldn't face dedicating three years of my life to something that I couldn't stand. Picking a course that I loved made the biggest difference and, whilst it hasn't got me my dream job just yet, I loved every second of studying a subject that I'm so passionate about.

2. Keep looking forward. It's also good to remember that despite what subject your degree may have been in you can always fall back on further education, a graduate scheme, or a PGCE. They may not get you jobs in your dream field, but they're still likely to lead to careers that are better than a bog standard job. I've found that exploring different career paths and routes to take for the future leaves me feeling quite positive.

3. Avoid Facebook around September/October. I know that asking people to abstain from social media for a couple of months is a ridiculous request in 2015, but you wouldn't believe how much this can help. These two months specifically can be a killer, because you'll be bombarded with posts from friends who are extremely hyped to be either starting or returning to university and it can be a massive downer. 

4. Invest your new found free time in hobbies. As much as I loved being at uni I can't lie and say that it didn't completely eat into my free time. When I was at college, and wasn't particularly bothered about studying for exams on the ins and outs of business, I had an abundance of hobbies. I was an absolute bookworm, I was constantly glued to my PS3, and as you can already tell by this post, I loved watching films and taking trips to the cinema. Besides watching films for my course, and maybe the odd cinema night, I didn't really have any time to dedicate time to my hobbies and it did start to grind on me a little bit. The first thing that I did when I finished uni was buy a bulk load of kindle books in order to lose myself for a few weeks and it was so nice to read something that wasn't as dense as anything that Freud and co had written.

5. Keep in contact with your uni friends. Since I was on a course that also acted as a hobby outside of academia it meant that a lot of my course mates were passionate about the same films and directors as I was and we bonded really easily. I can definitely say that I met some of the greatest, likeminded people when I was at uni and no matter how far away they are they always know how to make me feel better.

I hope that these tips help my fellow graduates! Let me know your top tips for keeping your head above water post-uni!


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Aladdin Tsum Tsum Collection

I got my first Tsum Tsum back in February when I went to Leeds for the weekend, I saw a lot of fuss outside of Clinton Cards and it turned out that I'd stumbled upon the launch of Disney's first wave of the loveable little bean bags. I came out with Marie from The Aristocats (I've had a lifelong obsession with the sassy kitten) and, after reading the tag, I assumed that she was for wiping phone/gadget screens. How wrong was I?

I actually hadn't bothered with Tsum Tsums since buying Marie, but when I went into the Disney store to stock up on Sadness merchandise after seeing Inside Out last month I saw that there was an Aladdin Tsum collection and I had to get in on the action. Aladdin is easily one of my favourite Disney films, it's got; a loveable hero, a sassy Princess with an adorable tiger, an even sassier parrot, a camp villain and my hero Robin Williams as the Genie.

I managed to get Genie, Jafar and the Sultan from the Disney store and don't get me wrong, they're adorable and everything, but I've recently seen Jasmine rise in the ranks of my favourite Disney princesses, so it was only right that I should order her online. And, being a cat lady, I had to order a lovely Rajah to sit with her. However, in the process of all of the Jasmine excitement I forgot to order an Aladdin (oops!), so I'll have to see if he's still around when I order my next lot of Tsums! Iago and Abu are also available.

What do you think of the Aladdin collection? Are you a Tsum Tsum fan? Leave a comment or send me a tweet!


Sunday, 30 August 2015

You Can Make a Fine Living in a Pair of Heels

Anyone who knows me will be aware that two of my biggest passions in life are films and drag queens, so it won't come as much of a surprise when I say that one of my all time favourite films is The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. For those of you who haven't heard of this masterpiece, it's the story of two drag queens and a transgender woman who travel from Sydney to Alice Springs via the Austalian Outback in a tour bus that they lovingly christen 'Priscilla'. I was vaguely aware that there was a musical adaptation, but I'd never considered going to see it until my lovely colleague Alison mentioned that it was coming to Manchester.

The show that we went to see featured one of my childhood loves in the lead role of Tick; Duncan James from Blue (also played by Jason Donavon in other shows). Now, despite what people may say about his boyband background, he's an amazing singer and faultlessly belted out some classics. He was flanked by the equally brilliant Adam Bailey as Adam (better known as Felicia Jollygoodfellow when he's on stage) and Simon Green as Bernadette. As a trio they lived up to the standards set by the beloved Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce and Terrance Stamp who originally played the parts in the film.

The way in which the stage show uses music is extremely clever, it features a trio of 'Divas' who sing their hearts out to hits from the film, whilst being suspended over stage, as the drag acts lip-sync to them. The actors themselves sing songs exclusive to the show which move the plot along. I won't give away anything else because going into something like this blind adds to the experience. Though I will say that the costumes were amazing, and some of them stayed true to the film. (Here's looking at you, Tick's flip-flop dress.)

As a respectful patron of the theatre I didn't take any pictures once the show had started, so I only got the one shot of the curtain which featured a (rather fabulous) map of Australia with the characters' journey charted on it. There was also an absolutely massive lipstick sat in front of it. If you want to see actual images of the show then there's a few on Google!

I would highly recommend going to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert if you fancy a fabulous, fun, cheesy, camp night out! (Let's face it, who doesn't?) Have you seen any musicals lately? Let me know by leaving comment or tweeting me! You can check the priscillabus Twitter to see if the show will be in your area.


Friday, 21 August 2015

Funko Pop Vinyl! Sadness SDCC Special Edition

After months of being teased by trailers, and even adverts for Sky broadband, I was incredibly excited to see my beloved Pixar's latest feature film Inside Out. I watched every single promotional video and became prepared to leave the cinema loving the sassy Disgust. However, it was actually Sadness who stole my heart. So, what's the first thing that you do when you fall in love with a character? You go and find out if you can buy them in Pop Vinyl! form, of course.

I was aware that there was a set of Inside Out Pops, but after a little bit of research I found out that there were San Diego Comic-Con exclusive figures of Joy and Sadness, the film's two lead emotions. These SDCC limited editions have what is described as 'translucent' hair, but I would call it shiny, to make them look a little more like their animated counterparts. I LOVE her detail, especially the way in which she's nervously cupping her hands and her little slippers. Something else about this Pop that impresses me is that Funko decided against attempting to put a 'lens' in her glasses, so they don't obscure her lovely little face, I hope that this is something that they carry on doing for specs-wearing characters as I've been put off a few in the past because of the way that the transparent plastic lens ruin the overall look of the figure.

You can get your own SDCC Sadness for £14.99 here. What do you guys think? Who was your favourite Inside Out character? Leave a comment or feel free to tweet me!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Hello Again

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I can't believe that's it's been just over two and a half years since my last blog post. This means that just over two and a half years ago I was in the midst of completing my final year at University and tearing my hair out over writing my final assignments, finishing my dissertation and displaying my public speaking skills to my course mates and tutors. Needless to say, I was far too stressed out to contemplate maintaining a blog and Violence & Fashion was shamefully pushed to one side. However, my love of Tumblr was reignited a few months ago thanks to my friend Dan, and whilst micro blogging is fun and I loved editing together photo sets, I didn't get the same sense of fulfilment as when I would write a chunky blog post. So, long story short, I've decided to reenter the world of blogging! I've decided to expand from my beauty posts and write about life, film, books and anything else that comes to mind (possibly my obsession with Funko Pop Vinyl! figures), so I hope that you guys welcome a bit of a change.

I thought that I'd just take a quick snap of myself whilst I type this post because you've all probably forgotten what I look like! I hope that you enjoy my futures posts, I promise that I'll stick to it!
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