Friday, 21 August 2015

Funko Pop Vinyl! Sadness SDCC Special Edition

After months of being teased by trailers, and even adverts for Sky broadband, I was incredibly excited to see my beloved Pixar's latest feature film Inside Out. I watched every single promotional video and became prepared to leave the cinema loving the sassy Disgust. However, it was actually Sadness who stole my heart. So, what's the first thing that you do when you fall in love with a character? You go and find out if you can buy them in Pop Vinyl! form, of course.

I was aware that there was a set of Inside Out Pops, but after a little bit of research I found out that there were San Diego Comic-Con exclusive figures of Joy and Sadness, the film's two lead emotions. These SDCC limited editions have what is described as 'translucent' hair, but I would call it shiny, to make them look a little more like their animated counterparts. I LOVE her detail, especially the way in which she's nervously cupping her hands and her little slippers. Something else about this Pop that impresses me is that Funko decided against attempting to put a 'lens' in her glasses, so they don't obscure her lovely little face, I hope that this is something that they carry on doing for specs-wearing characters as I've been put off a few in the past because of the way that the transparent plastic lens ruin the overall look of the figure.

You can get your own SDCC Sadness for £14.99 here. What do you guys think? Who was your favourite Inside Out character? Leave a comment or feel free to tweet me!

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