Wednesday, 5 July 2017

NARS: Animal Ethics in Reverse

At the end of June 2017 the French cosmetics giant NARS Cosmetics announced that they would be giving up their title as a cruelty free brand in order to test on animals. Surely, in this day and age, cosmetic brands should be working in the opposite direction to this? Doesn't it make sense for cosmetic companies to invest in ways to ensure that their products are safe to use whilst simultaneously eliminating the need to punish animals to do so?

The reason for their venture into such an archaic practice, you ask? Why that's simple; money. In China it is a legal requirement that all cosmetics companies test their products on animals in order for them to be brought to market. Therefore, all of the American and European brands that are sold there, such as MAC Cosmetics, Benefit, and Estée Lauder, test their products on animals in order to sell their products. China will have appealed to NARS as it has a steadily growing cosmetic market. Between 2010 and 2015 sales of cosmetics grew from 88.9 billion RMB (£9.9 billion) to 204.9 billion RMB (£22.8 billion), practically guaranteeing a brand as well established as they are a profit from the get go.

In February of this year the American cosmetics company Stila withdrew from the Chinese market and regained their status as a cruelty free brand. They pulled their products from Sephora China and changed their website to state that they point blank do not test on animals. Stila never made a song and dance about why they left the Chinese beauty market, but it could be argued that the matter of ethics came into play. So, with the scientific advancements in toxicology testing that we have today, shouldn't more companies follow Stila in looking to go cruelty free? Or is the loss of the Chinese market too much to ask?

I went cruelty free around the beginning of 2013, I had been a vegetarian for years and never even thought about the animals that were suffering for my products as I was too busy worrying about the ones that were being used for food. Animals, primarily; rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and mice, are forced to eat or inhale substances everyday for 28-90 days to document the long term effects of products. They are then killed in order to see if any internal damage has been obtained. Despite that fact that I'm not a vegetarian anymore, when I do it meat I make sure it's well sourced, I still care a great deal for animals. I'm not going to guilt you with images of rabbits and mice that have been tortured in the name of beauty, I'm just going to leave my points here and let you consider your stance on animal testing.

However, I can safely say that I will be discarding each and every piece of NARS make up that I own. I am aware that my actions as an individual will have no impact on NARS Cosmetics and their ethics, or the fact that they will now profit on animal abuse. But, unlike NARS, I am willing to stand up for what is right.

Are you going to join the NARS boycott?



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