Hello there and welcome to my bizarro domain of the internet. As you've probably already gathered my name is Leigh-Anne (oh, hi there pretentious name spelling!) and mondo divine is the outlet in which I let loose my impulse to write. Initially I wanted to run a blog that was predominately based on my main hobbies that that time; beauty and film with a tiny slice of fashion, and back in 2012 when I started writing this was the case. However, I have decided to branch out and write posts on lifestyle, books, entertainment, crafting and more film reviews. Oh, and Pop! Vinyls, don't forget the Pop! Vinyls.

In 2013 I graduated from Edge Hill University with a BA (Hons) in Film Studies. My course excluded the practical element of Film Studies so I didn't spend any time making films and I have no desire to step behind a camera, heaven for me is writing about the most amazing medium in the world; film. Aside from my cinephilia I am a massive tea drinking bookworm who's a sucker for a good TV series and leisurely strolls (city or country, I'm not fussy).
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